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Business Services

HCM! offers local businesses an alternative to having to hire an IT staff, which will allow you to cut costs without cutting corners!  If you are looking to have an IT staff person there when you need them, but do not want to pay for them when you do not need them, consider outsourcing your IT needs to HCM!

I provide services ranging from the simplest to the most complex, depending on your needs.  Whether you are the owner of a home based business, or are a small business owner who cannot afford to hire a full time IT staff, I have you covered!  Whether you are computer savvy, but are "stuck" on one issue, or whether you need long-term coverage, look no further!  Email, call or contact me today to get started!

Home Based Businesses

For home businesses, your needs are few a good deal of the time, and are many on a few occasions.  HCM! completely understands this and will work with you regardless of what your needs are.  I will never attempt to oversell you, but will custom tailor your solutions to exactly suit your specific needs, so you can continue to accomplish your goals!

HCM! offers Local Area Networking for small offices, Virtual Private Networks so you can securely acces you office from the road, shared peripheral configuations so all your office computers have acces to the same resources, custom software installations and specialized builds so your computers are made to satisfy your needs, web design so you can promote your business online, social networking optimization and search engine optimization so that you become extremely visible to anyone who may use your services or products, and a suite of other capabilities, all designed to help your home business thrive and grow!  Email, call or contact me today so we can talk about the bright future in store for your home business and exactly how we work together to get there!

Small Business Owners

For small business owners, I have seen that many are loathe to embrace new technologies in favor of the tried and true.  Well, you can have your cake and eat it too!  HCM! can adapt those tried and true methods and translate them into streamlined working applications which can dramatically improve the efficiency of your small business.  There are many way which this can be done, but here, I can offer you a few basic starter ideas.  To explore the full range of possibilities, we should find some time to sit down and discuss all that HCM! can offer your small business.

HCM! offers LAN/WAN/VPN Networking for all the computers in your single or multiple offices, so that you can have that office intranet you have always needed but never set up.  In addition, I can offer you the newest technologies for your line of business and I will train your staff so that they may become the most efficient at using your new configurations.  If you wish, I can write custom internal applications (or adapt existing technologies) to streamline your administration, accounting, production, inventory, supply chain, sales and marketing into one coherent, holistic system.  So don't waste another day, email, call or contact me today to improve your bottom line!

IS/IT Outsourcing

If you need a part time IT department only part of the time (or even a whole bunch of the time), consider outsourcing your IT needs to HCM!  For small to medium sized businesses, this is often the most practical and efficient use of scarce resources when it comes time to make a hiring decision.

HCM! can handle all of your IT needs and then some, whether you need assistance with equipment you already own or are looking to get in on the cutting edge of technology, and anywhere in between.  You may please review my Résumé to see what I have to offer your business.  Then be sure to email, call or contact me today so we can find a solution for your IT needs!

Other Business Services

Unlike most computer consultants, I can help you with more than just Information Technology.  Yes, you read it right, I do more than just IT.  HCM! offers other business services, all in the same package, so don't be shy or wary, email me to inquire about these other services today!

Business Planning
I offer assistance with business planning strategies, generally including streamlining and methods for increasing efficiency, opening new markets, advertising and marketing, production methods, alternate energy strategies, and more.

Investment Prospectus Planning and Writing
I have received multiple investments from investors who learned of ICS' business though our prospectuses.  I can do the same for you, whether you are looking for private investment or loans from the bank.  Think big!

Grant Writing
On occasion, and depending upon the nature of your business, some entities will take grant applications and disburse investment capital through grants for projects they see as being inline with their goals.  I have written grants for a number of institutions and I can do the same for you!

HCM! can do all of these things as a part of the IT work I provide to your business.  Since all of these solutions are tailored for your business, let's discuss where you are now want your business headed today.

Negotiable, Scalable and Deferred Billing

Pricing for Business Class Services through HCM! clearly represents the best expertise for the best price in Tucson (even though the Buddy's Deals 50% off discount does not apply to business class services).  The standard charge of $70 per hour applies, although I am extremely negotiable when it comes to pricings over duration, and I will guarantee that we can negotiate an arrangement which is mutually beneficial.

HCM! also offers deferred monthly and quarterly billing for those businesses which have their eye on the bottom line.  If you wish to be billed a consistent monthly rate, the frequency and scope of services may also be increased or decreased depending on you needs.  The bottom line is, I'm extremely flexible!  So please do email, call or contact me to get the best IT services in Tucson to start helping your business thrive today!

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