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SQL Database Administration and Design

HCM! provides Standardized Query Language (SQL) programming and development, and Database Administration (DBA) for any platform, network architecture, and application.  HCM! can arrange hosting for and/or install and maintain your SQL Server and databases, using a huge variety of SQL Server Software, can design and/or update your database and table layout and arrangement, and can write, optimize and adjust your SQL queries to your data, all for the best price in Tucson.

SQL Hosting and Server Software

HCM! will create and/or adapt your SQL and database hosting solution set to fit perfectly with your application and network architecture requirements.  First, HCM! offers an extremely broad range of hosting solutions and operating systems on which your application will reside.  Then, HCM! can use a wide variety of SQL Server Software for your application to store and access its data, including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, mSQL, MSSQL Server (Microsoft), and various others.  This will provide you and your application with the most flexible and customizable environment required for the maximum effeciency and performance of your application.

Additionally, if your application and project require it, HCM! can distribute your data for redundancy and security over a network (LAN, WAN or SAN), and provide appropriate access measures and security restrictions for that data.  Furthermore, HCM! has privately developed a groundbreaking method for securely storing sensitive data which, if accessed by any computer cracker not in its entirety, will render any data obtained completely useless to the computer cracker.  HCM! will employ this patent pending method if your application's security concerns merit its use, given the nature of the data being stored.  In short, HCM! can provide the widest range, least expensive and most secure solutions for storing your application's data, so be sure to email, call or contact HCM! to find out more detailed pricing information, based upon your particular application(s) and project(s), and to set up an appointment today to get started.

SQL Database, Table and Query Design

HCM! can provide ground-up development of all of the databases' and tables' structures, and the script set level queries for your application and project.  Depending upon the complexity of the project or application, it may only require one database with a few tables, or your project or application may require many databases with many tables in each database, with various databases distributed across a network in a redundant and/or nonredundant fashion.  Table data is distributed or grouped and stored based upon the nature of the queries being performed.  HCM! can do performance testing on various database, table and query structures for the fastest overall performance for your project or application.

HCM! can write your scripting queries, in your choice of languages for the web, or in nearly any other programming or scripting language if your application or project is not web based, and regardless of whether you are using a Windows or DOS based PC, a Mac or a Unix/Linux based operating system.  HCM! can make use of compound queries for peak efficiency and will time your queries in milliseconds and adjust them accordingly to achieve the minimum processing time for your project or application.  The particular solution which will work best for your individual application or project will vary, so be sure to email, call or contact HCM! today to set up an appointment today to discuss your individual needs and to get started, and to get a quote or more detailed pricing information based upon your particular application(s) and project(s).

Optimize and Correct Existing Tables and Queries

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SQL and DBA Pricing

Pricing for SQL development and database administration services will vary based upon the scope, size and granularity of the data being stored, but is somewhat similar to the amounts and the methods by which the amounts which are charged are arrived, for HCM!'s Interactive Web Application Design services.  You are encouraged to email, call or contact HCM! to find out more detailed pricing information, based upon your particular application(s), and to set up an appointment to get started.  The Buddy's Deals® discount does not apply to SQL development and database administration services.

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