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Hosting Solutions

HCM! can provide new hosting, work with existing sites, make hosting updates to existing sites, and make major or minor upgrades to hosting servers, based upon what is needed for your particular hosting solution set.  How to proceed with your particular hosting solution will depend on the answer to two key questions, first, "what is the status of your current hosting situation?", and second, "which type or combination of types of hosting will you require for your particular situation?".  Below are various answers to these two questions, along with resultant explanations of in which directions these choices will take you for your particular hosting solution set.

Current Hosting Status

Typically, you will either have hosting already or you will not, and if you do already have hosting available for your use, the capabilities of the hosting server will need to be evaluated to determine whether it meets the needs of your project or application.  If you do have current hosting and the hosting server does not meet these needs, or for a variety of other reasons, you may also require additional hosting in order to give your project or application the most of the capabilities, functionality, and ease of use which your project or application requires, as determined by the evaluated needs of your project or application.

Require Hosting

If you are starting your project or application anew, you will most likely not have any current hosting servers available to you for your project or application.  It is more than likely that you will have already been made aware of any hosting packages which you currently have available to you, although this can be easily and readily determined with minimal investigation.  If your project is a web site or web application, you will need to have the site hosted somewhere, and fortunately, there are currently a wide variety of free and inexpensive hosting solutions which can supply all of your application's or project's needs and requirements.

Have Hosting

If you have already purchased a domain name, the company from which you have purchased the domain may have also supplied you with some extent of domain hosting capabilities.  Some companies do not provide these services, and still other companies may charge you a periodic fee for hosting with which they will provide you a free domain name or names.  Depending upon the company chosen, the level of service and price for those services can vary to a very large degree, and your hosting capabilities will need to be evaluated to see whether they are sufficient for the requirements of your project or application.  Should these requirements not be sufficient, you may require additional hosting, or depending upon the company chosen, they may be able to alter your package to suit your requirements, or even refund your payment so that you may choose an appropriate hosting package from an alternate hosting provider.  Regardless, all of these determinations can be made with extreme ease, and any adjustments necessary can be made with relatively few issues arising.

Need Additional Hosting

If your current hosting solution is incomplete in its capabilities as are required for the proper performance of your project or application, you will require additional hosting.  This can be for a variety of reasons, not all of which indicate a level of deficiency on your current hosting solution, including insufficient file space, unsupported scripting languages or applications, unavalability or limited availability of mail subsystems or listservs, lack of availability or number of databases or storage space, a requirement for distributed or mirrored hosting or database availability, and/or any other special circumstances which apply to the requirements for your particular project or application.  Again, fortunately, there are currently a wide variety of free and inexpensive hosting solutions which can supply all of your application's or project's needs and requirements.

Types of Hosting Solutions

There are many types of hosting solutions available for your data, project or application, and HCM! can set you up to work with any of the following types of hosting solutions.  Be sure to email, call or contact HCM! today to set up an appointment today to discuss your individual needs and to get started, and to get detailed pricing information based upon the hosting solution required for your particular application(s) and project(s).

HCM! can set you up with DIY (Do It Yourself) Hosting (your own server at your home office or business), Free Off-Site Hosting, Inexpensive Package Hosting, Distributed and/or Mirrored Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Server Hosting, and Co-Located Server Hosting, all based upon the particular needs of your project or application.  Occasionally some people will discuss "branded" or "co-branded" hosting, and while this is something that HCM! can do, this form of hosting is based solely upon your site layout and is completely independent of the type(s) of physical hosting solution(s) you choose, and therefore is not listed below.

DIY Hosting

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Free Hosting

Package Hosting
- hosting which comes with domain purchase, like GoDaddy

Distributed and Mirrored Hosting
- duplicate hosting, mirrors, round-robin

Cloud Hosting

Virutal Servers

Co-Location of Servers

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