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MAC Services

You have my condolences on the passing of Steve Jobs.  He was without a doubt the most visionary entreperneur we have ever seen, and likely ever will see.  His light will be missed by all of us.

Congratulations on buying a MAC!  I say this because I get really nearly no calls at all from people who need help with their MAC computers.  It appears that the commercials were absolutely right.  I mean, no one ever writes a virus for them (thank Jobs) and all their problems which occasionaly do happen to seem to magically fix themselves on the next reboot.  So, congrats on your purchase, but I would like to tell you some things before you go.

MAC Virus Alert!  And No, I'm Not Kidding!

You may actually now have a virus.  Again, congrats for your OS catching on.  I long for the day when they no longer make virii for Windows.  Anyway, you may want to take care of that by using Sophos, which for you, is free.  Congrats yet again.  Thank Jobs you do not have the DNS problem.

How HCM! Can Help You With Your MAC

There are things you can do with a MAC that I'm not sure you're completely aware of.  You can run a webserver off of one, for instance, so please do email, call or contact me if you need any help with that.  There are plenty of other image and video editing applications you can use, so let me know if you need any tutoring on those.

Also, if you need help with any home networking I am your go to man!  Also, and I know you are happy with the computer you have, but please email, call or contact me if you need a Linux system, since I specialize in building them.

Any services you use are priced at the standard charge of $70 per hour, and it gets better!  When you get a coupon from Buddy's Deals, you get a 50% off discount which applies for all services on your MAC and anything else you need.

So again, congratulations on your purchase of a MAC.  I just wanted to let you know that if you ever do need help with your absolutely awesome computer, I'm right here for you.

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