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We All Are The 99 Percent

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Occupy Updates: New Year's 2012

Having been moved by Tucson Police Department from Armory Park and into DeAnza Park (at Congress, Broadway and Church) and now relegated to the sidewalk surrounding DeAnza Park, Tucson's Occupy movement is still present at the corner of Congress Street, Church Avenue and Broadway Boulevard.  I'm sure they could always use blankets if anyone would like to stop by and drop some off.  I have already donated several, along with a sleeping bag and plenty of homemade food.

There are now literally dozens of working groups which are open for anyone to join and in which to get involved.  OccupyTucson now has a working group for housing forclosure prevention, public relations, education, making videos for mass media, financing, and the arts, just to name a few.  I think that OccupyTucson is even offering FREE Yoga Classes!  Please go visit the OccupyTucson website (you can check the schedules there) or just go to DeAnza Park (at Congress, Broadway and Church) and find out in person for yourself.  The Occupy Movement is here to stay!

Occupy Updates: Late October 2011

In what appears to be the Tea Party of the Left, the socioeconomic movement known as We Are The 99 Percent is taking root, not only on Wall Street, but in dozens of cities around the country.  In Tucson, Arizona, where I am based, since the 15th of October, we have had a local OccupyTucson located in Military Plaza Park also known locally as "Armory Park" in downtown Tucson.  As expected, the local Tucson Police Department (TPD) has issued citations in the maximum amount permissible by law, of $1,000, for persons in the park after 10:30PM, in an effort to break up the protest.  You can help stop the issuance of these citations, which are now flooding our already cash-strapped city court system, by calling or emailing the Tucson City Council members and demanding a stop to the issuance of these citations.  Here is the link with the phone numbers and email addresses of each of the members of Tucson City Council.  Call/Email them and demand that the charges against the occupiers be dismissed and that TPD stop it's war of financial and legal attrition against OccupyTucson.

If you are curious as to what all the fuss is about, you can read some reports from the Institute for Policy Studies about rampant tax evasion by leading US companies and their CEOs.  On the 99% site, you can also share your testimony with others and become part of this national movement which I am calling "The Rainbow Revolution" (with no offense to India and maintaining a proper vegetarian diet, or to gay and lesbian rights in Cuba intended).  Just as the Arab Spring has happened within the last year, and the 18th and 19th Century popular revolutions overthrew or severely curtailed the power and reach of most monarchies, The Rainbow Revolution will overthrow the current crony capatilist banking system in operation within the United States, which exists solely in detriment to the populace of the nation, and will achieve its goals before the end of 2012.  Become part of the movement and add your story today.  We The People are One!  We are the 99%, and we will not be stopped.

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"Hey, Computer Man!" is offering anyone involved in Occupy Tucson a promotion worth half price off the already low hourly rate of $70!  That's right!  You pay only $35 per hour when you are involved with Occupy Tucson or any other Occupy movement across the United States.  Be sure to mention this promotion when you email or call and schedule your appointment today!  Please click here for more information on exactly how and for which services the promotion works.

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