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Data Recovery

One of the most gut-wrenching computer expeniences you can have is when you realize that somehow, somewhere, the files that you thought you had stored somewhere are suddenly no longer where you put then and they cannot be found, anywhere, using all the search locations you can think of.  It is a truly terrible experience that compares to losing your wallet or your house keys while on vacation.  It seems like all is lost and the only option you have is to just start all over with nothing.  Fortunately this is not the case at all!  Extremely often, as long as not too much time has elapsed between when the files were lost and when you discovered they were missing, it is possible to recover nearly all or even 100% of the data which went suddenly missing from your hard drive (IDE or SATA) or USB drive!

The reason this is the case is because when most operating systems "delete" a file (and not just send it to a Trash Folder or Recycle Bin), all the system does is remove the access point to where the data of the file is stored, and the area where the data from the file is stored is marked as free space.  None of the data is immediately written over!  Again, fortunately, there are low level hard drive scanning programs which search this supposedly free space and find fragments of these old files and can recover them for you.  However the best of these programs are not very user-friendly and they also do have the potential to destroy everything on your hard drive if not used properly.  Fortunately yet again, HCM! has you covered on all this!

So if you have lost data and need it recovered, and you have called around to see what other companies charge, you will have noticed that the cost for data recovery can get up into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars very quickly, and may companies charge a minimum of $500 to $1200 just to look at the drive that you have to take and bring to them.  Not so here!  The standard charge of $70 per hour applies, even for data recovery, and I am proud the be the best and least expensive data recovery specialist in Tucson!  Even better, the Buddy's Deals 50% off discount applies for data recovery as well, so that it will only cost you $35 per hour with the Buddy's Deals coupon!

To recover your lost files, I can bring the software needed to your home, or if you prefer, you can drop it off.  Due to the speed (or lack thereof) at which the low level recovery program operates, turn around time for pick up for data recovery is at least one day, and if I make a house call, it will be divided into two or more visits spanning several days (the program takes about 8 hours to deep-scan about 10GB of free space).  Fret not, you will not be charged for the time the program is running, but only the time that I am working on it.  This both frees me up to do more work and saves you bundles of money!  One quick piece of advice, though: if you have lost files on your drive, unless you have a huge chunk of free space available, recover your data as quickly as possible, since any use of your computer has the potential to write over the free space in which your important files reside!  If the drive is removable or an external drive or USB, remove it and do not use it until your data is recovered!

So if you need data recovery work performed to an amazing degree of success, do not keep waiting around!  You owe it to your data to email, call or contact me to make an appointment and get the data back that you have been missing!

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