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Server Security and IP-Based Security Testing Services

Server Security

For any website or web application which is set up, HCM! will automatically include the appropriate level of security required to both prevent any damages to your site from attacks by malicious hackers, and to allow authorized users of your site to have their designated functionality.  This level of security services is included with and billed in the total quoted or invoiced for your particular application or service.  For more mission-critical applications, such as web applications like online shopping sites which store credit card information (for example), your application may require more stringent security measures.  HCM! offers a groundbreaking, patent pending, privately developed process for storing all your sensitive data on your server, and in addition, HCM! will thoroughly test and secure your server from any possible malicious attacks, both for extremely reasonable pricings.

Get the Best Data Server Security Available for Your Server!  HCM! has privately developed a groundbreaking method for securely storing sensitive data which, if accessed by any computer cracker not in its entirety, will render any data obtained completely useless to the computer cracker.  Furthermore, certain precautions are taken using this groundbreaking method which makes it virtually impossible for the computer cracker to access the entirety of the data, due to constantly varying storage locations of that data.  Due to Trade Secrets, pending patents and various other security reasons, further details of this new HCM! method of data encryption and obsfucation cannot be revealed without prior written contract.  Email, call or contact HCM! today for more information on pricing and on how to best protect and secure your sensitive data on your locally or remotely hosted server.  The Buddy's Deals® discount does not apply to Data Server Security implementations.

IP-Based Security Testing Services

For those individuals or businesses who want to be certain that their data is secure on their privately owned or hosted web server, HCM! will rigorously and thoroughly test your server against a huge range of possible malicious and accidental attacks on your server.  Because of the comprehensive nature of these tests, you will need to certify that you own the server at its IP address.  These tests are priced at a one-time fee of $500 per IP address tested.  The Buddy's Deals® discount does not apply to Server Security testing.

Regardless of where, on what systems, in which databases or in how many locations your server(s) and their sensitive data are located, HCM! has you covered.  Be sure to email, call or contact HCM! today for a complete solution set which will best protect and secure your sensitive data for your business stability and your complete peace of mind.

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