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Hardware Upgrades

HCM! provides the lowest cost upgrades to your computer in Tucson!  How do we do it?  We order the lowest cost parts available for your upgrade without ever sacrificing quality!  Also, this is because all components used during an upgrade are charged at cost, with no extra fees or procurement charges whatsoever!  You only pay the cost of the upgraded component(s) and labor, which is usually an hour or less for upgrades!

And HCM! can come to your house to install the upgrade while you watch, or you can drop your computer off for later pickup.  Once your part(s) have been ordered and received, turn around times for pickup on upgrades are usually only an hour or two, or depending upon the complexity and/or number of hardware upgrades, the next day at the very longest!

The rate for labor for hardware upgrades is $70 per hour, but currently, with the Buddy's Deals 50% off discount which applies to all labor performed, the rate for all labor performed is only $35 per hour!  The 50% discount obviously does not apply to the cost of the upgraded components.

So don't wait, if your computer needs a hardware upgrade, email or call to schedule your appointment today to get your computer upgraded to the level of performance you have always been wanting!

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