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DNS Changer Virus Fix

If you have a Windows computer, and are viewing this page prior to 9 July 2012, you may want to have a look at this.

Help Stop Another Attempt By Corporations To Kill The Internet

In the back of a swanky San Diego hotel, corporate lobbyists are gathering July 2-10, 2012 to negotiate an ultra-secret trade deal that will empower corporations to sue our governments if they dare pass any laws that might infringe on profits.
These people are negotiating a terrifying new treaty that would give unprecedented new “rights” to corporations.
If that's not hitting close enough to home, then check this out -- newly leaked secret documents show that if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) becomes law, you could be dragged to court and receive a large fine simply for clicking on the wrong link.
But here's the good news: We can actually stop this.  The corporations are counting on ramming the treaty through as quickly and secretly as possible -- before the public and the media even start paying attention.  If we all speak up with a unified voice now, we can force participating governments to come clean.
Tell national leaders and trade representatives negotiating the TPP in secret that we won't let them ambush us with a hidden agenda to let corporations censor our internet, and gain even more ridiculous amounts of power over our lives.
Sign this urgent petition at StopTheTrap.net today!

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