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Interactive Web Application Design

HCM! generally has three different tiers of service for those who want web page design, which includes all graphic design (unless you wish to supply your own images, which is not at all a problem).  This, the third and highest tier is Interactive Web Application Design and is for those who want a complete and comprehensive databased web application or application set developed, where pages are never static but rather generated interactively by the user's input into a CGI script or script set written in your choice of languages for the web.

This is complete Interactive Web Application Design using the MVC pattern, utilizing SQL Databases (mySQL, PostgreSQL, msql, MSSQL Server, Oracle or others), CGI scripting (Perl, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Java, C++/C#, ASP .NET, and/or others), multiple SSL user logins and authoring, fully interactive interfaces, SMTP integration, SSL, AJAX, CSS3, shopping carts, and anything else necessary, and is available for those who need the full gamut of the internet's capabilities.  The web application(s) can be hosted on one or multiple free or paid hosting sites of your choosing.  Any preprogrammed scripting made publicly available on the hosting site(s) is yours to make use of, and could include email lists, blogs, publicly authored pages and many other possibilities.

If this is not what you want, there are two lower tiers of service.  The next lowest, second level is Comprehensive Site Design and is for those who want a more intricate site spanning many pages, like this website.  These can be designed as static pages written in XHTML1.1, with all the bells and whistles, such as simple forms, complex menus and site maps, javascript, AJAX/JSON, CSS, and the like.  Regular Web Page Design is the lowest and least expensive tier, and is for those who want a simple, static page or pages hosted on a free web host of your choosing.

All web design work is performed outside your home, so there is no need to make a house call, except for an initial meeting where we can speak face to face and where you can give me any graphics or copy writing which you wish to use and where I can get a complete sense of what you expect to achieve with your website.  All tiers come with optional ongoing support and updates at an extremely reasonable rate, or you can either be tutored if necessary on how to update the sites yourself, or mechanisms can be added to interactive sites to update content automatically with no risk of compromising the integrity of the application design.

If complete Interactive Web Application Design is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place!  Pricings for these services are project-based and vary based on the complexity of the application, although rates are extremely reasonable.  The Buddy's Deals discount does not apply to Interactive Web Application Design services, although your project cost will certainly be lower than with any other web design company in Tucson.  This is an unbeatable deal in Tucson, so be sure to email, call or contact me today for more information, if you have questions, and to get started on that amazing interactive website you have always wanted!

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